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[访谈] 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2013年11月14日讯息【柯博拉11月14日意大利/英文新访谈】









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A New Cobra Interview in Italian / English

This new interview was created for the Italian population, but can be interesting for people worldwide. It was conducted in Italian and simultaneously translated into English. The interview begins at 4:40 minute mark:

这个新的访谈是为意大利民众而做的访谈,但是可能全世界的人们都会有兴趣。它是在意大利进行并同时翻译成英语。访谈在 4:40 分钟的标记处开始:


You can read the transcript here:




Here is the interview with Cobra that was in Italian\English. Please excuse any typos.


Translator: OK, Antonio is thanking you for participating in this interview and he sends you a big hug from all his listeners. ok yeah, the first question that Antonio always asks all his interviewers is who is Cobra and if you could tell us about your spiritual journey and how you became a contact for the light forces.

(翻译者,以下简称:翻) 好的,安东尼欧感谢您参加今天的专访,他要替听众朋友给你一个大大的拥抱。首先,安东尼欧总是会问他的访问者的第一个问题: 柯博拉究竟是谁? 你可以告诉我们你的灵性的旅程以及你又是如何成为光的势力的代表呢?

Cobra: Cobra is my code name, which stands for compression breakthrough and Compression breakthrough is the moment when the light breaks through on the surface of the planet.


Translator: Give me a second Cobra, I am not a professional translator. I am trying to translate as best I can.


Cobra: It s ok.


T: And about your spiritual journey, you were saying and how you became a contact?


C: Actually my spiritual journey never started becasuei was always aware of where Im coming from and during my lifetime I've had various, um, I would say, interesting experiences. One of them is my contact with the Pleidians and the second one is my contact with the resistance movement.


T: Going on to the next questions, we were wondering, How you became a spokesperson for the resistance movement? How they contacted you, how the light forces contact you? Are you a medium or when did they first contact you as well?

(翻)下一个问题是: 您是如何成为抵抗运动的发言人呢? 他们是如何接洽上您,光的势力又是如何跟您联系呢? 您是灵媒吗?他们何时与你第一次接触?

Ck, I had my first physical contact with the resistance movement in Bagdad in 1977


T: OK, one second.OK, Cobra, go ahead.

(翻)等一下。 好的 请您继续

C:and then this was connected for some time and after and then when the dark forces attacked me in 1996 and the resistance movement contacted me again in a certain way and gave me instrcutions on how to protect myself and also gave me a lot of intel about what was really going on on this planet.


T: ok Cobra, you have to give me a little bit of (?) I am not professional. (translates to Italian) Ok, Cobra, go on

(翻)不好意思,我不是专业的。 (翻译中) 好了,请继续

Ck so um, I went to a certain specific training for the resistance and I was working with them since then and then in the year 2012, they instructed me to start a blog becasue the time of liberation was getting near and the surface population needed to become aware of the situtation.


T: ok, how did the light forces contact you?


C:I am not a medium, I am not a medium. I have my own ways of communicating, some of them are physical and some of them are non-physical. This is as much as I can say.


T: OK, you can go on. Do you have anything else to say? ok


T:We are asking, we have a lot of listeners that know about the dark forces and how they have been influencing us over the years. Could you give us a brief desciption of how we have been enslaved?

(翻)我们有很多听众知道关于黑暗势力的事情,也知道他们操弄人类行之有年了。 您可以大略描述一下人类是如何被奴役吗?

C: Actually this planet was occupied twenty five thousand yearsago and in the last 25,000 years this planet was under direct occupation, but now as the cosmic cycle is ending we are now going to liberate the planet. So ths is a brief description of the situation on this planet.


T: and what would you say our actual situation is at planetary level as far as the etheric and physical planes go?


Ck regarding the etheric plane, there is a lot of progress everyday. there are less and less of those negative nonphysical beings. and when this process is complete we are going to have the final breakthrough on the physical plane. We also have a lot of progress especially with the formation of the eastern alliance who is going to encircle the cabal and is going to remove it with the assistance of many other light forces very soon.


T: OK. we think maybe not all our listeners know who the cabal is. Can you briefly describe who they are? How they were influencing us on the etheric plane?


C: This is just a group of people who are controlling the planet through the financial system and the media especially.


T: and on the ethric plane what have we been liberated of, Cobra?


C: Can you say that again?


Tn the Etheric plane, now we have been liberated from the influence of the other forces correct?


C:No not yet. on the etheric plane no. when the etheric plane is clear you will have a dramatic increase of quality of energy and a lot inspiration will come to the surface population of the planet.


T:Always considering that our public doesn’t know you and doesn’t know about the Event, can we tell them a bit, what the Event is about, what it is?


C: Ok The event is actually the final breakthough on the planet the final victory of the light on the planet. On the physical plane it will be the reset of the financial system. It will be the arrest of the those members of the cabal who were controlling humanity. It will be the release of information of the free energy, of the secret space program and other things.


T:Ah, Cobra, we were wondering what words you could give to the light workers have heard many such provision, they have heard many such forecasts that have never come true and now they are doubtful that anything will really happen.

(翻)您是否能给光工一些鼓励? 他们收到很多诸如粮食和各种方面的预测,可是之后都没事。他们现在怀疑是否真的会有变化。

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C: OK, the situation on this planet, we have free will. And it’s not easy. I would say its almost impossible to make time predictions when things will happen. Things will happen, but I dont think anybody is able to exactly say when are they going to happen.


T:We were wondering, Cobra, How are you, How are you receiving the requests that we should do the mass meditations? And why was the one we did on the 25th so important? And why is the one we should do on the 23rd of November so important as well?

(翻)我们很好奇您是如何得知要进行大规模集体冥想的? 为何8月25日的冥想如此的重要? 11月23日的冥想又有何重要性呢?

C:I have received instructions from the light forces that because of the situation in Syria the time was not very good. They asked me to give this information to the mass population so that as many people as possible meditate on that day to reach the critical mass. And we did it.


T: And this request comes to you from this channel that you can’t talk about. It comes to you ina meditative state, right?

(翻)这个要求来自您必须保密的消息管道,对吧? 讯息是在您冥想的时候传来的吗?

C: It comes from the Resistance movement.


T: Like a physical way message even or in a meditativestate , do you receive this?


C: It came in a way that I will not describe.


T: OK, No problem. And as far as the meditation that we should do on the 23rd of November?


C: Yes, this information came from the same source, in the same way. And I would ask as many people as possible to participate and we will have the main vortex activation in Florence (garbled), In Italy.


T: Why is this so important? why is the 23rd of November an important date?


C: It is important because it is the turn of the cosmic cycle. We have this period between 2012 and 2015 of Uranous Pluto square. And NOvember 23rd is the exact moment of that astrological constellation and this will be a massive release of energy throughout the solar system that includes planet earth.


T: Antonio is just saying if you were happy wiht the participation with the 25th of August. In Italy we are in thousands and thousands even this radio station participated and did it live on the radio. Was the light forces and everyone satisfied wiht our participation?


C: Yes, it was excellent. Actually we had more than a quarter million views with the video alone so, we have a lot of people doing this and you can see the result. The situation in Syria is much better.


T:yes, the next question has to do with the Prepare for Change site. Many of us were following it quite closely until there were some conflicts from the main members some weeks ago. Since then a lot of us don’t feel that the energy is the same. And we were wondering is that our feelings that we are projecting on the situation or has the site lost some of its usefullness? Or do you think all this is due to the difficulty we have in relating to each other? Or do you think maybe it was even attacks from the dark forces in some way?

(翻)接着是关于『准备转变』网站的问题。我们很多人都很热切地追踪网站的讯息,直到几周前重要成员之间发生一些争执。之后不少人就感觉网站的能量不太对劲。请问这是我们对世界局势的情绪反射抑或网站已经不太管用了呢? 或者您认为这是我们成员相处的考验? 还是说我们被黑暗势力用某种方式袭击了?

C:Actually the situation with Prepare for Change has improved a lot in the last few weeks. There is great progress with this project at this moment. After the situation with the people involved has harmonized. And we are expecting great progress in the next few weeks. I will actually make some announcements about that in the next few weeks most likely. Although that also depends on the planetary situation.


T:yes, we wanted to ask you, A lot of light workers are having a hard time of it at in this time period, we were wondering if this has to do with our transition, towards the fourth and fifth dimensions and maybe you have any advice for us on how to face this period.


C: Actually what most of us are experiencing here is side effects of the purification, purification of the etheric plane around the planet. I would suggest people spend some time in nature. you could also do some meditations that would help you connect with some positive beings, positive people. You might form groups and also do something positive as much as you can to help liberate the planet.


T:yes, another one of our questions had to do with the dangerous nanotechnology that you spoke briefly about in your interview with Alexandra Meadors. We were wondering which technologies to try to stay away from to protect ourselves eventually

(翻)您和Alexandra Meadors访谈的时候提到一种危险的奈米科技。我们想知道要避免使用哪些科技产品好保护自己。

C: I was just saying that this kind of technology has been removed and there is no danger with that anymore. You don’t have to worry about that kind of technology.


T: OK not with Smart phones anymore or anythings like this?


C:Nonanotechnolgy, It will not affect humanity. The light forces have removed this.


T: Thats great news, ok. And as far as the vaccines go, Cobra?


Ck, I would not recommend anybody taking vaccinations


Tk, we want to go back and talk a little bit more about the event. We were wondering who exactly would be organizing the world wide mass arrests and how can we be sure they are acting on behalf of the light forces. Don’t we maybe risk that people will, that there will be violent uprisings and such in certain countries once these arrests are initiated?

(翻)我们回头来谈谈事件吧。我们想知道届时究竟有谁能组织动员全世界进行大逮捕,人们又如何确保他们是代表光的势力来行动? 会不会有可能一些国家进行大逮捕后出现群众暴动呢?

C. Ok they will be carried out by the civil authority in every country and that will happen and they will be backed up and supported logistically by the positive military and of course there will be guidance from higher spiritual forces for the resistance movement and the Pleidians behind the scenes.


T: and Cobra continue


C:There will be announcements on tv very shortly after this begins to happen so most people will be calm and they will not do anything crazy. And that little percente that should like to do something crazy, they will be stopped.


T: ok, This is always the question. Everyone always wants to know if we know more or less the events, we know the time cannot be known but can you give us any kind of timeline?I know we have a window of opportunity now and there's another window of opportunity in the spring,right?

(翻)一直以来,每个人都在猜我们到底对事件了解多少。我们知道它发生的时间是个未知数,不过您可以给大家一个时程表吗? 我知道现在有一个机会之窗,然后今年春天也有过一个。

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C: Yes, this is as much as I can say about that time, not any more.


T: When was the window of opportunity in the spring, I can’t remember. So I can tell the public.


C: Actually, it was last year. This is the first window of opportunity of this year.


T: Isn’t there one too that you talked about in spring too though, in April or March?


C:There was an activation of the portal on the 25th of May of this year but there was no opportunity yet of this year.


T: OK, and next year we don’t know yet.


C: I will not speculate when this will happen


T:The next question had to do with the response, how we could prepare for the event. we were advised to keep some food some water some money aside our gas tanks full for an eventual interruption of services. we have this question, you know the majority of people don’t know about the event so it doesn’t seem very just that some of us have the food and water aside and the rest not. Wouldn’t a more five dimensional response be better in some way or what kind of comment can you give us?


C: This is the best that those on the surface of the planet can do and we cannot ensure a smooth transition for everybody if the surface population is not cooperating; This is actually, there was a lot of divine grace upon humanty. And the transition will be as smooth as it will be. and if they would like to have it better, they will have to cooperate more.


T:Ok, do you mean putting aside the food and water these kind of things on the physical level , you mean, by cooperating more?


C: In the liberation process, if people do not have more awakening,more awareness it would be easier to have a more fifth dimensional response to this.


Tk, yes Cobra the other question we have about the event is about the distribution of the prosperity funds it was said that even light workers will be given some cash flow to be you know, more serene in their light work and we were wondering in general who decides who is a light worker how will be the prosperity funds distributed or organize this?


C:Ah, the resistance movement will be overseeing the distribution of funds from behind the scenes and to ensure nothing wrong will happen and there will be justice in each transaction.


T:Cobra, we thought we might go backwards a little bit so we know who is the Resistance movement because not everyone knows who is the Resistance movement so maybe we should just briefly describe them.


C: The Resistance movement are people who are living below the surface of the Earth. People call them the Agarthan network. This is not exactly the right description but something similar and the resistance movement is there to keep the balance of the planet and will be (?) while and assisting us in the planetary liberation.


T:Cobra can I add the first people in the resistance movement were members of the CIA who found out about the conspiracy


C: Not exactly.


T: And then there were people from other resistance from planet X as well wasn’t there?


C:There were people from planet X that were actually that strengthened the resistance movement many years ago


T: ok and the first ones were people left from Atlantis period, or?


C:Some of them, yes.


T: IN Italy they are known as the people who live inside of the Earth is that correct?


C: yes


T:The next question had to do about accompanying people that collaborate with the dark forces, the cabal and etc. that don’t want to go towards the light to the galactic central sun. Isn’t this kind of a violation of free will?


C: no there is no violation of free will because light forces have decided by their free will the darkness will not be existing any more in this universe and those beings who are not willing or who have mutated too much to accept the light will need to start the evolution again from the start and they will be taken to the galactic central sun they will be restructured and they will start over evolution again.


Tk Cobra. I don’t know about this video but other people have spoken about a sixteen hour long video that will be aired on television networks at the moment of the event that will explain various conspiracy theories, and how the(malevolent) forces have been subjecting us to their will over the years. we were wondering, does this video really exist first of all?


C:yes, not just that one but there is other material that exists about this.


T: OK and it's planned to be released on worldwide television


C: yes this material and also some other material will be released on the worldwide mass media at the time of the event.


T: OK, has it already been translated?


C:hmm, some of it yes, some of it no. but at the time of the event everything will be arranged so it will be


T: ok, you dont need our help basically


C: no, and if there are documents for me to be translated I will let you know I will have all of this on my blog. Because there will be other things that will have to be translated before the event.


T:Since we have a little bit of time, we have a couple of questions that our public has asked us. On the Ison comet and if you have any comment on thatand how that will affect the Earth.


C: Ok, there is a mass of disinformation on this which has been started about this comet. Nothing special will happen, this is just a regular comet that will in no way affect the population of the planet. It is not a spaceship, it does not hide any spaceships. It is just a comet.


Tk, and is it just a scare tactic of the CIA


C: yes,it is a scare tactic because people are confused and do not know what is true and what is not.


T: He says Tolec says the absolute opposite.


C: Yes, that's ok. People can say whatever they want. Im just saying whatever the situations is what is ( in the background).


T: The next question is about the repitilian underground bases.Are they still there or have they been eliminated.


C: They have been removed a long time ago, many years ago. Nothing of that is remaining. It has been cleared completely.


T: Congo?
(翻)那刚果共和国呢? (1996年爬虫人大举入侵刚果)

C: There are no more repitilian bases anywhere on the planet.

T:Cobra do you have any other information or advice to give us today?


C: Well I would ask as many people as possible to join us for the activation of the AION portal on November 23rd for people in Italy especially you can come to Florence Conference with us. It is gonna be a big breakthrough energetically for the planet.


T:Anything else you would like to tell us. I know the 11th and the 13th are going to be important days next week.

(翻)您还有事情想告诉大家吗? 我知道这个月11日和13日会是个大日子。

C: Yes, on monday (11th) a certain operation of the light forces will start and it will continue for a few days and it will be quite intense.Maybe there will be some news coming from the media I do not know for sure. If this operation is successful, we will have interesting news next week.


T:Ok, Cobra. we want to finish the interview now and we want to thank you for participating and ask you eventually would you be willing for another interview if our public has questions or there areother significant events happening?


C: Yes, it's possible yes.


T: Thank you very much for being here with us today.


C: And thank you everybody for listening.

翻译: Patrick Shih
校稿: Share Light

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