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[访谈] 【地球盟友】【柯博拉Cobra】2013年1月26日满月-亚力珊卓拉访谈









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Cobra Full Moon Update with Alexandra Meadors for January 26, 2013
If you feel that these interviews are providing you with an expanded perspective, more encouragement, and additional insights into our daily planetary and galactic walk, please consider donating to my website GalacticConnection.com. I am fully dedicated to serve you and The Light by providing important information to enlighten and inform. Thank you for supporting me! And thank you for coming by GalacticConnection.com to peruse our online library of galactically oriented information and education. -AM
ALEXANDRA : Good afternoon everybody. today is Jan 26, 2013 and I am Alexandra Meaders of Galacticconnection.com. If you've not already discovered my web-site, please check out the daily blog at Galacticconnection.com/daily-blog. You will find an on-line library of a multitude of links and endless articles and news on everything from archeology, history ,space, and the financial system to astrology, spirituality, quantum physics and more. The ultimate goal is to provide a one-stop hub on the daily pulse of the planet's progress. You will typically see headline news through an inspirational lens reminding us that humanity is successfully breaking the chains from the old matrix. Yea. Today I thought I would do a brief interview with our infamous guest, Cobra to discuss an infamous subject near and dear to us, the Moon.
ALEXANDRA:下午好。今天是2013年1月26日,我是来自Galacticconnection.com的负责人,Alexandra Meaders。如果你尚未对我的网站有所了解,可登陆到Galacticconnection.com,在daily-blog频道上去阅读每日更新的博客。你会发现一个在线文库,其包括大量连结;另外,你也会看到数不尽的,包罗万像的文章和新闻,涵盖考古、历史、太空、金融、占星学、灵性、量子物理等。我们的根本目标是,通过一站式服务方式,为大家提供目前行星地球进展的每日情况说明。透过这个鼓舞人心的透镜,你会看到一些头条新闻,提醒着我们,人类正成功挣脱旧有矩阵的枷锁。是的,在今天,我想我会与着名的COBRA做一次简要的访谈,讨论一个与我们息息相关,但恶名昭彰的天体,那就是月球。
ALEXANDRA:Every night we look up and marvel at the brilliance and beauty of our moon. There is still such a mystery. With a plethora of data flying around the internet, what is the moon really? Is it a projection from our planet millions of years ago. Now Cobra, what I thought we could talk about today is the ramifications of the moon on our lives. It's been such a mystery and it is our largest object in our sky. I thought in tribute to the full moon in Leo yesterday , we can talk about what the moon really is.
Cobra : OK. First of all I would like to say the moon is a natural object. It's not a visual that some people are saying.
Cobra: 好的。首先,我会说,月球是一个自然天体,而不是如某些人所说的样子。
ALEXANDRA: OK that's interesting because there's all these rumors; whether it's a spaceship or a fragment that was propelled off the earth.
ALEXANDRA: 好的,这很有趣,因为有那麽多流言蜚语,关於它是否是一艘飞船,或是自地球分离崩发出的碎片。
COBRA: When the solar system was formed the moon and earth were part of one body and they actually separated and now they are part of the same energy system. The moon is actually a kind of an energy lens that directs the feminine energy to this planet .
COBRA: 太阳系形成之初,月球与地球曾是一体的。事实上,它们後来分离了,现在它们处於同一个能量系统中。实际上,月球是一种能量透镜,将女性能量导向地球。
ALEXANDRA: Interesting. This plays a vital role of the goddess energy that is blanketing our planet right now.
ALEXANDRA: 非常有趣,对於覆盖我们星球的女神能量来说,月球扮演者一个至关重要的角色。
COBRA: Yes. What was happening in the last 10 years, there was a big purification of the energy of the moon and it is now completely clear and pure. There are no more reptilian bases. There are no more reptilians. There is nothing of that nature. It is just a pure natural body of light. It is transmitting energy of the pure feminine principle to the planet. Each full moon is a wonderful location to connect with that energy.
COBRA: 确实, 在过去十年中发生了一些事情,月球经历了一次比较大的能量净化,现在它已完全纯净,上面已没有爬虫人的基地,也无爬虫人,再也没有什麽比现在更体现出月球的纯净本质。它仅仅是一个纯净的光的自然体,并将纯粹女性本源能量传送给地球。每一轮满月都是与那能量连接的绝佳时机。
ALEXANDRA: Interesting. Prior to this happening was it strictly the reptilians that were dominating the moon?
 ALEXANDRA: 很有趣 。在此之前,月球是否由爬虫人严密地统治着?
COBRA: They didn't dominate the moon. There were some ET bases. It was a mixed influence. ET bases, some were positive and some were negative. There was a brief period when the reptilian race took over the moon for a few years in the late 90'??s. Now it is completely cleared and now we have a very positive experience there . There were some Pliadian bases there and some bases of other positive civilizations there. What they are doing there is directing the flow of energy from the outskirts of the solar system towards the planet.
ALEXANDRA: Ahhh. You don't see a lot of clear footage or pictures from the moon through NASA and facilities like that. What exactly are they hiding? Besides the ET life elsewhere?
ALEXANDRA: 嗯, 你没有看到来自NASA或其它机构流传出来的,关於月球的许多清晰的视频和图片。他们到底在隐瞒什麽?除了别处所掩盖的外星生命以外?
COBRA: I will explain. The Apollo program was just the official public part of the US space program. Even the Apollo astronauts have seen and had contact with ET life while on the moon. Most of that was censored. Intel was not able to censor everything. Some of it leaked out to the public . Apart from that, NASA also had an unofficial secret space program. This unofficial secret space program has managed to put a man on the moon in the 50's already. There were bases on the Moon and Mars in the 60's already. They were only accessible to the Cabal. Then the resistance movement has cleared those bases in the late 90'??s and the beginning of this century.
COBRA: 我会进行解释。阿波罗计划只是美国太空计划中官方公布的部分。甚至,阿波罗宇航员在月球上已经看见并接触了外星生命。大部分有关资料已被审查。但情报机构无法审查所有数据。其中的一些泄露到了公众之中。除此之外,NASA也设有一项非官方的秘密太空计划。这项非官方秘密太空计划在50年代就已设法将让一位人类登上月球。在60年代时,已经在月球和火星上设有基地了。只有阴谋集团可以使用它们。然而,在90年代後期及21世纪初,抵抗运动已经清除了那里的基地。
ALEXANDRA: Well, that's great news. Considering how close it is to our planet. Is there a full blown civilization there and full blown city there? When you say a multitude of bases, how many are we talking bout?
ALEXANDRA: 哇哦,这是个好消息。想想看,月球离我们的星球有多近。那里是否布满了文明与城市遗迹?你提及到有许多基地,到底有多少呢?
COBRA: Not so many, a few dozen. Because dual civilizations have a capacity to locate their Mother ships in the earth's orbit or wherever they put them, so there is no need for a multitude to form bases at this moment.
COBRA: 不是那麽多,有几十个吧。因为有两个星际文明有能力将他们的母船停泊於地球轨道或其它任何地方,所以此刻没有必要在月球上建立太多基地了。
ALEXANDRA: OK. Is it true that the moon was one of THE the specific key elements for the electronic fence that was around the earth?
COBRA: At a certain point in time there were many __?_ or implantation station. Much of the machinery for the veil was located near these ____ points (faberaje points). They were special points between the earth and the moon where the gravity influence between the earth and the moon were the same. The control forces were using those special points to control the energy field around the planet. Of course these are gone now.
COBRA: 在某个时间点,曾经有许多??或输入站。许多”帷幕”体系机构都设置在这些地点附近(斐波那契点)。它们是地球和月球之间的一些特殊点,在那里,地月之间的引力效应是一样的。控制这些特殊点的势力,用它们来控制地球周围的能量场。当然,现在它们已经不存在了。
ALEXANDRA: Oh wow. That's interesting. I think that's the first I've ever heard of that. Thank you for that. I heard and read we were extracting titanium and other resources from the moon. Can you expound on that?
ALEXANDRA: 哇哦。非常有趣。这是我第一次听说,非常谢谢。我了解到,我们从月球提取钛和其他资源。你能详细说明一下吗?
COBRA: Yes, there are many so called rare minerals and rare metals on the moon. The cabal doesn't have access to them any longer. You can find elsewhere in the solar system, very rare metals and minerals in large quantities. You can find large diamonds in the asteroid belt. You can find a lot of gold elsewhere in the solar system. What we consider is rare on this planet is not so rare elsewhere.
 COBRA: 是的,月球上有许多所称作的稀有矿物和稀有金属。现在阴谋集团再也没有使用它们的权利了。你可以在太阳系的其它地方找到大量的极其稀有的矿物和金属。你可以在小行星带找到巨型钻石。你可以在太阳系的其他地方找到许多金矿。在地球上我们认为稀有的东西,在其它地方并不一定稀有。
ALEXANDRA: Interesting. You had stated in the notes that I had typed up for you that the Apollo mission was only successful one time. We only landed on the moon once? Please clarify.
 ALEXANDRA: 很有趣。你曾经记录说,我为你的说法出过稿件,就是关於阿波罗任务只成功了一次。我们只登陆过月球一次吗?请为我们阐明下。
COBRA: No, no not true. (no?) Apollo 11 – 17 . there were 6 successful apollo missions.
 COBRA:不,不是这样。 (ALEXANDRA:不是?)阿波罗11号-17号都登陆过月球。有6次成功的阿波罗任务执行。
ALEXANDRA: I just wanted clarification on that. Somebody had brought that up. You're saying the Piladians are primarily living there and using it as a base and using it as a civilization. Are there other civilizations there?
COBRA: There are other civilizations using those bases. Those bases are not so important now. The focus is not the moon but on this planet. Most of those beings, those innovations have the mothership positioned high above earth's orbit on those strategic points.
COBRA: 有其它文明使用着那些基地。但那些基地现在并不是那麽重要。现在应聚焦於这颗星球(地球),而不是月球。大多数存有,及那些创新者已经将母船放置於地球的轨道,放置在那些战略要点上。
ALEXANDRA: OK. how did they regain control of the moon?
ALEXANDRA: 好的。他们是如何重新获取对月球的控制权呢?
COBRA: The resistance movement inside the solar system was progressing towards the planet. There were many battles in the asteroid belt, on Mars and also the Moon and they just cleared completely all the reptilian warriors and all the other races. There were some physical battles going on. These were about 10-15 years ago.
ALEXANDRA: Were those physical battles something we can understand?
ALEXANDRA: 关於那些物质层面的战争,我们是否能够理解?
COBRA: Yes, quite similar to the wars on this planet still. It's simply that the cabal was driven out of those strategic points. The Cabal had a strong influence of Mars & the Moon in the late 90'??s and they lost that.
COBRA: 是的,和这颗星球上仍然存在的战争十分相似。简单地说,是阴谋集团被从那些战略点给驱赶出去了。在90年代後期,阴谋集团曾在火星和月球上有着强大的势力,但现在他们失去了。
ALEXANDRA: On your blog a long time ago, there were so many specifics on Planet X, back in April 2012. Do you have that type of information on the moon?
ALEXANDRA: 很久之前在你的博客上,有许多关於X行星的详细描述,我们可以回到2012年4月时你写过的博客。你是否有类似那样关於月球的资料呢?
COBRA: There is so much info on the moon. Every scientists, every astronamer has it because it is very close to the earth. Scientists have measured the position of the moon, the orbit of the moon, the characteristics. Most of the moon information is in public domain right now.
ALEXANDRA: OK. I thought there would be something covertly tucked away.
ALEXANDRA: 好的,我一直以为有一些机密的东西被隐瞒起来,并在内部共享使用。
COBRA: No. That was in the past.
COBRA: 不是,那是曾经的做法。
ALEXANDRA: The shard on the moon? There was some leakage from NASA. Have you heard about these massive towers on the moon?
ALEXANDRA: 关於月球上尖状建筑物体是什麽?从NASA泄露出了一些这方面的信息。你是否有听说过月球上存在大量的尖塔呢?
COBRA: Oh yes. There were some photo's of certain objects on the moon. There is much that has not yet been revealed.
COBRA: 是的。有一些关於月球上某些物体的照片。还有大量的物体尚未被揭露。
ALEXANDRA: Are these just gigantic bases? How large are they?
ALEXANDRA: 它们是巨型基地吗?它们有多大?
COBRA: Most of the bases are quite small. There are some large ones. There is not so much need for bases any longer.
COBRA: 多数基地的规模都是非常小的,也有规模很大的。现在,那些基地已不再被需要。
ALEXANDRA: I read something that the moon was acting like a ball and chain to the planet earth? As we ascend we will be released from the moon. What are your thoughts?
ALEXANDRA: 我曾读到过,月球相对地球而言,犹如一个带着锁链的球?当我们扬升後,月球将离开我们。你是怎麽认为的?
COBRA: No. No. Not necessary. The moon is going through the same ascension process – the whole solar system is too as a result of the influence of the energies from the Galactic Central Sun. It is being transformed together.
COBRA: 不,不,那是不必要的。月球也处於同样的扬升进程中,整个太阳系亦是这样,这是由中央太阳的能量所影响的结果。月球将会一同转变。
ALEXANDRA: I had read that too. I just thought I'd throw that out to you. You are agreeing that this is not a gigantic space ship or not a satellite?
ALEXANDRA: 我也读到过这个信息。我只是认为应该由你来阐释。你是否认同,月球不是一艘巨型飞船或一颗人造卫星?
COBRA: No – It’s a natural object.
COBRA: 是的,它是自然天体。
ALEXANDRA: Why at a full moon, is there more crime and suicide and people going crazy?
ALEXANDRA: 为什麽在满月的时候,会有更高的犯罪率,自杀率,以及人们的行为会倾向疯狂?
COBRA: Moon is acting as a transmitter of the energies of the feminine principle – the feminine principle is connected to the emotions. Emotions are triggered. Emotions that are suppressed are coming to the surface and people can get a little bit crazy at times.
COBRA: 月球正充当着传送女性本源能量的角色,而女性本源与情绪相连。被压制的情绪会经触发而浮现出来,人们会时不时地变得有点疯狂。
ALEXANDRA: Can you give us some astrological update on the Full moon in Loe – around yesterday 9:20.
ALEXANDRA: 你能否对昨天9:20左右狮子座满月,给出一些占星学方面的更新?
COBRA: Yes. This is the first full moon of this year. It's a beginning. It connects of Leo and Aquarius. The tension between individual and the collective. The energy of this full moon is bringing us into more awareness of our active role inside the society. The sig Aquariusis the sign of society. This is the first trigger point of this year, which will show us how can we as individuals can create a new society. This is a very good start of a new year.
COBRA: 好的。这是今年第一轮满月。它是一个开端。它连接着狮子座与宝瓶座,(连接着)集体与个人之间的张力。这轮满月的能量让我们更加觉知到自己在社会中所扮演的活跃角色。宝瓶座社会的信号。这是今年的第一个触发点,它会给我们展示,如何以个人身份来创建新社会。这是新年的一个非常好的开端。
ALEXANDRA: I like that. A good launching point. How do you feel about how everything else that is unfolding at this time? I haven't talk to you in awhile. Just curious.
ALEXANDRA: 我也赞同,一个好的发起点。你对与此同时展开的其他活动有什麽看法?我很久未与你谈话了,有些好奇。
COBRA: The first thing was the activati??on of Dec 21st. This was a milestone. Very important one because we actually began a new cycle. The beginning of the new cycle is actually creating the plan. There are many things going in the background but almost nothing is reported. Simply because the plan is now in the early stages of being manifest. What you can read on most websites is just dis-info. The other side the cabal has sent lots of disinformation agents and they have managed to infiltrated a lot of this info right now. We will have to wait until this dust settles then I and other people will be able to release more intel.
ALEXANDRA: What is your perspective on the People's Public Trust?.
ALEXANDRA: 你对民众公共信托是如何看待的?
COBRA: Basically good people doing a good thing but I'm not expecting to manifest any tangible changes in the near future.
COBRA: 基本上是好人做善事,但我不期待在近期,能有任何现实的改变。
ALEXANDRA: Have you heard of David Wynn Miller? He's phenomenal.
ALEXANDRA: 你是否听说过David Wynn Miller?他好像不同寻常。
COBRA: 是的。
ALEXANDRA: Kind of reminds me of that where he's getting into a different language and nomenclature.
ALEXANDRA: 这提醒了我,他正深入研究一种不同寻常的语言和命名。
COBRA: Different and interesting perspective of things. Yes.
COBRA: 事物的不同及有趣的一面。是这样的。
ALEXANDRA: How well are you preparing for the London conference? Anything to talk about?
ALEXANDRA: 你对伦敦会议准备的如何了?有什麽可以告诉我们的吗?
COBRA: We have managed to get a location – I have just announced. London Conference on my blog. I would like to invite everyone listening to join us for this conference. It's a fresh new start after the end of the old cycle and the beginning of the new cycle. Most likely I will be able to start releasing intel at the London conference.
COBRA: 我们一直在寻找地点,我刚刚在我的博客上公布了“伦敦会议”。我诚邀各位前来倾听并参与我们。这是旧周期结束後的一??个崭新的开始,一个新周期的开端。很可能我会在伦敦会议上开始公布一些情报信息。
ALEXANDRA: You said you were going to be releasing some new intel. (Yes, yes)
I have to say after attending your conference in November, it was one of the best ones I've attended. Especially because the synergy and the connection with the people.
ALEXANDRA:你说你会公布一些新的情报吧? (COBRA: 是的。)我不得不说,在参加了你在11月份召开的会议後,我认为那是我参加过的最棒的会议之一。特别是因为与人民的契合与沟通连接。
COBRA: Yes, the energy was phenomenal because so many people from diff backgrounds. We created a very very strong energy vortex together.
COBRA: 是的, 那个能量非常惊人。因为有很多不同背景的人参与。我们共同制造了一个非常非常强大的能量漩涡。
ALEXANDRA: Yes we really have, and I'm trying to keep that together. I feel like the Cobra's of Laguna beach group was such a solid team.
ALEXANDRA: 是的,我们的确如此,我也正尝试着共同保持它。我感觉COBRA的拉古纳沙滩小组是一个非常可靠的团体。
COBRA: Because of this success we are creating another Laguna conference around the 25 of May – as you probably know the 25th of May 2013 is a very strong full moon in Taurus which will be one of the major energy breakthroughs of this year.
COBRA: 由於这次成功,我们正策划着另一次拉古娜岛会议,大约在5月25日左右。正如你所知,2013年5月25日是一次非常强大的金牛座满月,它将会成为今年主要的能量突破之一。
ALEXANDRA: Yea! I read that. Also, what are you feeling is going on the end of Feb?
COBRA: Not anything special the end of Feb. I will just say that the first few months of the year are preparation for the energies of May.
COBRA: 2月底不会有什麽特殊的事情。我会说,今年的头几个月是为五月的能量做准备的。
ALEXANDRA: OK. If it happens it will be sometime in M??ay, the turning point.
ALEXANDRA: 好的。如果有事发生,就会是在五月,在这个转折点。
COBRA: This is one of the first turning points – 2nd will be much later in the year.
COBRA: 这是第一个转折点,第二个会在今年比较晚的时候出现。
ALEXANDRA: I wanted to do a quick update with you, do you have any info you can share with everybody – any juicy intel?
ALEXANDRA: 我想同你做一次快速的信息交流,你是否有能够同大家分享任何情报信息呢,任何有趣的情报?
COBRA: I'm in a strange situation. I'm receiving lots of juicy intel, but I don't receive permission to release it ye??t. I'm told to wait until the time is right. People need a little bit more info , but I'm told that it's not yet time. First this muddy situation with this info has to settle a little bit. Certain situations have to be resolved then I can release much more. The situation is not yet ready.
COBRA: 我正处於一个较奇怪的处境。我不断收到大量非常有趣的情报,但我没有得到公布它们的许可。我被告知静待时机到来。人们需要更多的信息,但我被告知尚未是时候。第一,当前混乱的情况需要更加安定一些。当某些情况处理完毕後,我才能释放更多消息,目前形势尚不允许。
ALEXANDRA: I honor that. No problem. What about the compression and the fact of a lot more archonic stimulation?
ALEXANDRA: 我赞同,没关系。关於“压缩突破”的情况如何?是否有更多对执政官刺激的情况发生?
COBRA: OK. Basically there are 2 things happening. First one is a big success in the light forces in the outer layers between 110 feet and 8.6 miles (above the earth). The outer layers have been purified intensively. The matrix is?? disintegrating. The archons are loosing their power completely there. The good part of the story. The other part of the story is those entities are running scared and are entering the inner layers which is between – 0 and 110 feet around the earth. There is a compression in this layer. There has not yet been a breakthrough in this layer. This will have to happen later.
COBRA: 好的,基本上有两件事在发生。第一件事是光的势力在距地面向上110英尺至8.6英里的外层空间取得了巨大的成功。外层已经被强力地进行了净化和清除。矩阵正在瓦解崩溃。在那里,执政官正完全失去了他们的力量。这是事情中好的一面。另一方面,那些存有现在正很害怕地逃离并且正进入地球内层,在地球表面以上零至110英尺之间。在这一层有一次压缩。这一层尚未有突破,须要稍晚才会发生。
ALEXANDRA: I do have to tell you that I had this archon grid busted where I live with Kundura. And it was an unbelievable experience. (Very good) Yes, very very good. I highly recommend people do that. You can feel the shift .
ALEXANDRA: 我一定要告诉你,在我所居住的Kundura,我使得执政官网格被摧毁了。那时一次难以置信的体验。 (COBRA: 非常好。)是的,非常非常棒。我强烈建议人们也那麽做。你会感到变化。
COBRA: Yes, I have released many tools in how to assist in this process. Thank you for blog. We have “Etheric Liberation” group on Facebook. We have healers that will help. I will also release more information on the goddess movement spiritual ___.
COBRA: 是的,我已经发布了很多关於协助这个进程的工具。谢谢你的博客。我们在Facebook上有”乙太解放”小组。我们有疗愈师来帮助。我还会发布更多关於女神灵性运动的信息。
ALEXANDRA: I miss you and Isis. I will probably be calling you later to get a quick update from you. bye, have a wonderful day.
ALEXANDRA: 想念你和爱希斯。或许在晚些时候会给你电话,以便得到一个快速的信息沟通。再见,愿你有美好的一天。
COBRA: Very good. Bye.
COBRA: 好极了。再见。
翻译: Patrick Shih

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